Project Team

Name Position within the project Professional degree Profession Professional experience
Project Coordiantor INFLPR
Valentin CRACIUN Project director SR1 Physicist Vast expertize in the synthesis and characterization of thin films; Nanoindentation and electrical measurements; Vast experience in using experimental set-ups including large facilities.
Gabriela DORCIOMAN Team member SR1II Physicist Thin film deposition techniques (PLD, RF-sputtering)
Stefan-Andrei IRIMICIUC Key team member SR1II Physicist Thin film deposition techniques (PLD, RF-sputtering), plasma diagnostics
Doina CRACIUN Key team member SR1 Physicist Structural characterization of thin films (TEM, XRD, XRR)
Petronela GAROI Team member SR1I Physicist Compositional characterization of thin films (EDS, WDS,XPS)
PhD STUDENT Vacant position Research Assist. Physicist Ideal candidate: basic knowledge in thin film deposition and characterization techniques
Marius Catalin DINCA Team member Research Assist. Physicist Morphological and optical characterizations of thin films (SEM, VASE, AFM)
Adriana NISTORESCU Team member T I Technician Vacuum instalations construction and maintenance, substrates and optics cleaning procedures
Partner 1 IFIN-HH
Daniel URSESCU Project responsible P1 SR1 Physicist Ultraintense lasers: diagnostics and experiments
Dan MATEI Team member SR3 Physicist Laser metrology and material science
Gabriel Petrisor BLEOTU Team member PhD Student Engineer Spectral broadening and damage in thin films
Aurelian COSTEA Team member Engineer Engineer Electronics and systems engineering
Alexandru MAGUREANU Team member Research Assist. Physicist Solid state background: advanced materials and nanostructures; deposition and characterization of thin films
Vacant position Team member Technician Student/ laboratory technician High school graduation